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Exhausts Guildford - Looking for Exhausts in Guildford?




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Exhausts Guildford - Looking for Exhausts in Guildford?



exhaust guildford


Whatever your chosen vehicle, at our service centre in Guildford, we have an exhaust system for you.


All the time your engine is running your exhaust system is in use, which places it under constant strain.


Your exhaust system is made up of four sections


  •  manifold

  •  front downpipe

  •  centre section

  •  rear silencer box


If your vehicle was registered after 1993 it will also have a catalytic converter. The purpose of the catalytic converter is to remove harmful pollution from the exhaust gases.


You catalytic converter will usually be between the engine and muffler, underneath the passenger seat. As moisture builds inside the rear of the exhaust it can cause the exhaust to corrode which can lead to a hole or a blowing noise. Depending on the size of the hole, this could lead to a failed MOT and possibly a fine.


Contact us today to find out about the wide range of exhausts and servicing we can provide from our service centre in Guildford.

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