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Car Servicing Guildford - Looking for Car Servicing in Guildford?



We carry out car servicing in Guildford on all makes and models of vehicles, with each car service carried out to the highest standard by our top engineers.


Many of our customers have their car serviced on a yearly or a 12,000 mile basis, whichever comes first. By having this car servicing in Guildford you are in effect helping maintain your vehicle, which in turn will help reduce the possibility of your vehicle breaking down.


It is important to know that having regular servicing in Guildford can help with keeping the value of your vehicle when trying to sell it.


We carry out three types of car servicing:


Interim Service Guildford


Interim Service


35 point service


Oil and Oil Filter

From £74.99!


Full Service Guildford


Full Service


67 point service


Oil, Oil Filter and Air
Filter. From £149.99!


Major Service Guildford


Major Service


71 point service


Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Brake Fluid, Anti-Freeze and Spark Plugs. From £199.99!




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